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Broker Benefits

Lourdes does not employ a direct sales channel hence making us the preferred choice amongst brokers looking to partner with an industry reputable brand.

In a highly competitive market place, we understand the demands for partnering brokers to have complete control of their client base.‘Smart System’ prevents data leakage or contamination and affords total transparency and visibility to the sole identified broker. ‘Smart System’ MIS (Management Information System) delivers immediate and up to date reporting thus equipping brokers with vital information to ensure the success of their business.

Successful partnered brokers will be contracted to sell from a range of products from UK suppliers. We continually provide rigorous and comprehensive training to industry standard thus safeguarding suppliers, brokers and customers alike.

Attractive and competitive commissions are offered by UK suppliers. Varying products can afford commission uplifts of up to 1.5pence, commission shares of 85% and attractive bonus override schemes for brokers with preferred pricing for new and existing customers.

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