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As a UK market leading energy aggregator, we understand the importance of partnering with other professional organisations looking to enhance and grow their business whist maintaining and delivering the highest standards of service to the customer.

In a seemingly unregulated market Lourdes Associates partnering services are embraced by select, like-minded organisations who share the same values of professionalism, compliance and customer awareness. Our close working relationships with UK suppliers reinforced by stringent industry controls of compliance ensures that brokers who have historically been struck off by UK suppliers are rejected at the point of screening. Hence, we do not boast of partnering with thousands of brokers, we focus on industry regulation and compliance and those who share our core values of high professional standards and customer satisfaction.

A dedicated support team armed with up to date technology will ensure the smooth and seamless processing of contractswithout any undue delay, ensuring each of your customers a stress free experience.

Existing and new partnering brokers as well as direct customers will experience a comprehensive, effortless and transient service with up to date reporting whilst enjoying the benefits of competitive pricingfrom UK suppliers and excellent customer service.

We offer bespoke pricing from leading UK suppliers to an ever increasing portfolio of large SME gas and electricity consumers and corporate customers. Through risk management strategies the package can be tailored according to customer needs ranging from billing platformsand energy management to buying and selling power.

Partnering brokers are able to benefit from our in-depth knowledge, expertise and systems to channel all new and existing large ‘end user’ and corporate customers through Lourdes safe in the knowledge that both they the broker and the customer will enjoy a comprehensive and professional service.

Lourdes understands the need for protection of client relationships and maintains all confidential customer data of partnering brokers is kept safe and compliant in accordance with the Data Protection Act. Our secure ‘Smart System’(SS) underpins our value of professional integrity and total visibility. ‘SS’safe guards confidential information and ensures that customer data is solely and uniquely accessible to the identified partner broker.

Established, long term and new partnering brokers with a loyal customer clientele entrust Lourdes to ensure the smooth and daily running of contractual processes and administration. Easily accessible system and process visibilitywith unique but secure business transparency enables partnering brokers to focus on maximising their earning potential by sourcing new customers and increasing their client base.

Customer Control

In an ever evolving world of technology and offshore automated call centres it is essential to remember we live in a world of real people.

Corporate clients, large’end user’ energy customers and SME business will be afforded the highest industry technology and software systems to ensure an unproblematic journey. However this will be kept firmly in balance with accessibility to our professional team of experts on hand to assist, resolve and answer any questions you may have regarding your power supply.

Here at Lourdes we are here to help you the customer.


Individuals of the highest integrity, character and professional calibre will be considered for positions within Lourdes.

Positions are varying and challenging however we provide the highest industry training reinforced with a strong support structure in appositive environment to ensure you meet with the demanding industry roles.

Forward thinking, determination and drive in an ever evolving market will provide you withopportunities of reward and good remuneration.

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